Apr 3, 2009


So, 18 pounds and 14.75 inches of me are gone. And I'm sorta done with this whole diet and exercise thing. Anybody want to talk me back into it? 
I don't know what is going on in my head that this kind of success is being met with apathy and resistance, but there it is.
Maybe because I've been thinner, maybe because I'm scared of gaining it all back again, maybe there's something deeper going on here. I don't know.
I got my wedding ring back on, and that was a huge deal for me. Now I don't have anything except numbers on a scale/measuring tape to work toward. I've been counceled against buying smaller clothing as a motivator, however tempting.
Free psychoanalysis is welcome. It's fairly obvious I'm a nut job.

I've decided to stick it out until we go to Disneyland at the end of the month, and then re-evaluate. 


Christina MC said...

I'm on the cusp of training with you and your trainer...I'll get your butt back in the game. We can make a game of it and you'll probably win since you know her style and have already lost weight...and I haven't so winning will make you feel good and keep you motivated. Nothing like a slacker friend to help you feel better about yourself, eh?

becky said...

Stina-That's why I love you. Well, it's not why, but I do really appreciate you. We'll BOTH be successful if it kills us...