Jan 2, 2010


I've been lazy, but I have an excuse! I'm on vacation! Only, it doesn't really feel like a vacation.

Think about it: What do I do all day? Take care of babies. What am I doing all day? Taking care of babies at my momma's house. See? Not a vacation.
I am now of the firm opinion that a vacation is a break from what you normally do. Therefore, if our kids are with us it's a trip and if they aren't, it's a vacation.
I need a vacation. Guess what? I'm starting to think of this ankle surgery as a vacation because the children will be with other people all that day and S will be with different friends every morning of the next week. Now if I can just figure what to do with V...

S and V are having so much fun with Grandma! I will post more snow pictures when DH has a few seconds to help me. (I'm still figuring out our new setup.) In the meantime, some are on Face Book if you look me up and happen to already be my "friend".


Diane Arnett Gardiner said...

hey YOU !!

J. said...

Oh whatever! You know grandma and the aunties do most of the entertaining and changing of diapers. :P Glad you visited anyway, it was good to have the family together again.