Aug 27, 2011

Things I Learned This Week

  • You're supposed to vacuum as many times in the week as you have people living in the house. Did y'all know this? WHY didn't someone tell me I'm only vacuuming HALF as much as I should be? I thought I was being all proactive getting out the Bissell twice a week. Pish. 
  • My son can spell his name...and send texts and emails from my phone. This means people I haven't talked to in oh, forever, are getting text messages from me that say only The Boy's name.  

  • Just because you CAN make a tutu without a pattern doesn't mean you SHOULD. Unless you want to do it over three or so times. Seriously, use a pattern. :D I will say it was super a lot more easy to do with my new sewing machine, courtesy of my mama. 
  • Cooking three dinners in one night, day after day can get a little old, and your personal family may starve. 
  • Job's Tears (croix beans) are good for colon cancer.
  • If you let your kids read Dr Seuss, they are bound to Box with Socks. At least they weren't boxing foxes. 

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