Mar 29, 2012

Things Zsa Zsa Says

The other day, CJ was in her buzzy seat while the bathroom was undergoing detoxification. She started to fuss. Not wanting to interrupt the procedure unnecessarily, the parental unit in charge of said HAZMAT cleanup asked Zsa to talk to CJ for just a moment. This is frequently a employed tactic to get 60 more seconds of SOMETHING done.
Obligingly, Zsa wandered over and said, "Hi Clara Jane Swain. I'm Zsa Zsa. I have dollies." Cutest thing EVER.

Grandpa gave the kids memorial coins for Arizona's Centennial. Zsa calls it her big BIG penny. She calls quarters and silver dollars big pennies, as well.

Going into the store today she said, "Mommy, my shadow is coming, too!"

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