Dec 10, 2013

Tuesday, December 9th, 2013

Playing with clay at the end of our day. The kids finally won the battle on "Nephite Facepaint" today. Thanks, church activity. Now my kids think this is ok. Ah well.

S spent most of the morning tearing through a money math activity book.
 He really loved the pages that gave the cost of an item, and he needed to decide what coins equaled that amount. 
Six months ago, he didn't want anything to do with this type of math so we shelved it. Now, it's like cake. His brain just needed those few months to develop the synapses for money math to make sense. 
We also spent quite a bit of time on Spelling City and another app dealing with money.
Mom was feeling under the weather, so we phoned it in on science and watched a Bill Nye you tube on the properties of air. We've done quite a bit with gases so it just reinforced stuff we've learned previously, but there's nothing wrong with spiraling occasionally. 

Heres another Nephite playing with clay. 

And a kitty saying, "cheese". 

Can you tell I learned how to blog from my iPad? My only complaint is the horrible pictures, but since that's no different than before, I decided to roll with it. 

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