Feb 27, 2008

High Speed Chase

Matt nearly got in the middle of a high speed chase tonight. Think about that a minute, and then you will be a fraction of the "scared out of your mind" I was when I heard it.
On the news tonight they said the three people in the vehicle crashed their car, broke into a house and stole the keys to a truck from ACTUAL PEOPLE, hit a pedestrian, and shot at police. Two cruisers are totaled. One of thee idiots is dead, one is in the hospital, and the last is on the loose in town. Needless to say, I'll be triple checking the locks tonight. Apparently they were being pulled over for outstanding warrants, and bolted.
Stuff like this doesn't happen here!
Interestingly, in all Matt's years living in Arizona, he never saw a high speed chase. Nope, had to come to little old Idaho Falls for that.

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Christina MC said...

Sometimes, I swear you make your life up! At least, it makes for interesting reading.