Mar 11, 2008


The Boy trapped himself in the bathroom this morning. Talk about a petrifying experience. I came THIS CLOSE to calling the Fire Department, and that's no lie.
The Boy crawled into the bathroom, closed the door and opened one of the drawers, effectively blocking the door. The hinges for the door are on the inside of the bathroom. I couldn't get my knuckles through the gap in the door to work the drawer closed. The Boy was screaming. The toilet lid was up. The entire situation couldn't have been worse.
I grabbed a paint stirring stick to wedge through the open door and tried to work the drawer closed. It almost worked, but then The Boy would open the drawer again, and this entire time he's screaming. I finally did manage to get the drawer closed enough to open the door and The Boy was rescued. Sigh of relief.
Now the big question: How do I keep The Boy safe? I'm for locking him up in the protective circle of my arms and never letting him go.
The next question is how does the mom survive toddler hood without going completely insane?


Diantha said...

Becky, you are such a good mom. That must have been terrifying for you. I never would have thought to get a paint stick to close the door. You are so smart. God looks out for and protects you. Love you.

Christina MC said...

I always keep the bathroom doors closed and when E figures out how to turn a handle I'll buy those door handle covers. Bathrooms are just too scary for me to think of E playing, getting trapped or whatever else she can do in there. You're brilliant by the way.