Mar 5, 2008

Washing the Cat

Before today, I wouldn't have been able to come up with a scenario wherein "wash the cat" would be on my "to do" list. A skunk changed that.
Rocky was sprayed by a skunk yesterday. When Matt brought him in yesterday night, he detected an odor, and sent the cat back outside. A few seconds later I smelled skunk. I said, "Our cat was sprayed by a skunk". Matt said, "No, he just has gas". Ha.
Today I asked Matt to smell the cat. He still smelled like skunk. We did think this through a bit before we corralled the cat. I found some tomato juice and Coban (vet rap) and we cleared the bathroom. Then we found the cat.
Our cat is kind of dumb. This is why he got sprayed by a skunk.
Rocky let us hog tie him with Coban AND put him in the sink. He filled our bathroom sink: I mean COMPLETELY filled it. I commenced with the poring of tomato juice while Matt held the cat. He didn't complain at all...until I got to his head. At this point we ran into trouble. You see, because our cat filled the sink, he was awfully hard to rinse, so we picked him up, covered in tomato juice, and transfered him to the tub. THEN he really started to complain. It sounded like he was saying, "No! No! No!" in a really pitiful voice. We got him all rinsed off and towel dried. I whipped out the hair dryer, because I didn't want "wet-cat" smell all over my house, it's right up there near skunk on the "Gross-O-Meter". He submitted to a few minutes of that, but in the end we let him leave the bathroom without being all dry.
I may have mentioned this cat is kind of dumb. Any self-respecting four-legged creature would have run from us and hid. Not our cat. As soon as he was clear of the bathroom door, he stopped in the hall to begin kitty ablutions. Our bathroom looks like a chain saw killer hacked someone up in the tub. There's watered down tomato juice EVERYWHERE. Poor cat. Poor Becky's bathroom rug. (I said we thought it through a bit, not the whole way.)

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Diantha said...

You are so incredibly funny. I love your blog. I'm glad that your cat is that docile, otherwise you might have mixed your own blood with the watered-down tomato juice. Love you!