May 7, 2008

House Work

Today we painted the garage door. By "we" I mean "I".
It's amazing how much better it looks. The rain held off until nearly midnight, so I think it had enough time to dry. Sam only dipped his hands in the paint once (which I label a success).
Tomorrow a young couple is coming to look at the house. We are crossing our fingers and praying that they like the house and that they BUY IT. Our Arizona house closes tomorrow.
Also tomorrow we are painting the porch railing. Working on that curb appeal thing everyone talks about.

You know, I don't really feel pregnant, other than I want to eat everything in sight and sleep all day, but other than that...Matt says its real for him now. I think it could be because I've started asking for corn dogs again. Maybe the baby is a boy. :( I need to keep thinking pink thoughts. I hear that works.

Really looking forward to graduation Saturday. I would ask Matt if I can skip it and stay home to sleep, but I think that would hurt his feelings. Plus, I would have to keep Sam and then there would be no actual sleep, since Sam no longer believes in Mommy Naps. Seriously though, and I am so happy for Matt and ready for this phase of our lives to be over. I was starting to get comfortable in the perpetual student mode.

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Christina MC said...

Trust me on this one, a husband NEEDS his wife there to cheer him on for his big accomplishments, like graduating after what seems like forever. Their egos crave that and as their wives it's one of the simplest and largest ways to show them we love them by being their biggest cheerleaders/fans. It's one instance where I think a wife can outshine a mother even if both are present, not sure why, but....