Mar 12, 2010

Private Blog

Thinking of turning the blog private.
I keep getting comments from Chinese Porno Websites.
What do you guys think? Does anyone read this anyway?
Have you had issues with Chinese Porno Website Comments?
I have my comments set so I reject or publish as they come in, but still...


melissa said...

I've actually never had trouble with that. I had a couple random spam comments a year or more ago, but once I set my comments to require word verification, no more problems. And yes, I read it. And I will if you go private, too. If you let me, that is. :)

SueAFrame said...

I haven't had problems with mine. I have my settings in this that it doesn't show up in their search engine and it doesn't show up in their blog unless you know the exact link, they don't get to mine. I always wondered if people even read mine too :) because I don't get very many I added a website counter, and behold...people read...they just don't comment.

Alexa Dyan said...

I didn't have trouble with creeper/porno comments on mine, but I'd heard of it being very possible. So I set mine to private. And I feel a LOT more comfortable with posting now.