Mar 31, 2010


My momma, all  my sisters and my new little niece, Baby A (not because she's the first but because her name starts with A, remind me to tell you about Lisa A and Lisa B sometime) came for a visit. Every time I mentioned their visit to friends who've seen my house, they were amazed everyone would stay here. I admit it was a bit tight, but we managed. Everyone had a bed, if not a room. When we lived in Idaho, our house was MUCH smaller and everyone fit...sort of. :)
It was WAY fun to have everyone here, BUT, sadly I was sick the whole time so I didn't get much in the way of photos.
Matt and I took everyone to dinner at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant for a birthday celebration. SUPER yummy lamb. UmUmmUM! We visited the Phoenix Children's Museum (again) where I took the only photos of the whole week
. The boy LOVES the "car shower".
Baby loves the, well, the babies. And balls.
This is my favorite shot. I kinda hope she keeps it up long enough to be useful. :)
And just had a really fun time catching up.

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