Nov 16, 2008

Going to the Lake

We took Sam to the lake Saturday, and of COURSE I forgot the camera. I did remember the important things like cheese sticks and apples...
Sam was fascinated with the ducks. "qu-ack! qu-ACK!" A few minutes after we got to the pier, another family came to toss cereal at the ducks (don't know why I didn't think to bring duck food). The mom kindly gave Sam a baggie of Trix to throw for the ducks. He had a pretty good time thowing one peice at a time, until he thought to taste the cereal himself... We convinced him that it was duck food, not little boy food. In the end he just dumped the whole bag in the water, which is when IT happened...
These MASSIVE carp, we're talking 5 footers easy, came to the surface, stuck thier lips out of the water and started fighting the ducks for Trix. It was amazing to wittness. Sam kept saying "FEESH FEESH!"
We wandered over to the docks and looked at the boats and Sam REALLY wanted to go swimming. We had to explain that though the lake LOOKED like a giant bathtub, the water was cold and really really deep. I'm not sure he got it, since he kept saying "baff! baff! DRINK!" (That's Sammy for bath and water, respectively.)
I was surpised at how close the lake was to our house, I think it only took 40 minutes to get there. We will be going again, as it's free entertainment and free is one of my favorite words.

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