Nov 8, 2008

New Fun Sammy Pics

A Favorite Past time-light switching. We got tired of holding him up to lights, so we got out the step ladder and let him do it himself.
Here's our Bucket Head Boy. Recently he's taken to getting out a sauce pan and sticking it on his head a la Johnny Apple Seed. When he does that I call him my little pot head.

We're calling this one "Stroller Boy". He LOVES pushing around the stroller, frequently with things like Mommy's phone or Elmo or a sippy going along for the ride. We're not sure how he did this (or why) but I couldn't help but take a picture because he's SO miserable. :)

1 comment:

Beverly said...

He is getting so big. And he is so dang cute! Love the stroller pic. That's awesome!