Nov 7, 2008

Nearly Busted for Pot (really)

So I decided to try acupuncture this week in an attempt to flip my errant daughter into a more birth-friendly position. The acupuncturist was great, but that's a subject for another post.
Upon insertion of the final needle she literally flipped. Luckily she was already transverse, or the movement would likely have knocked me off the table, given her size (a healthy 7lbs by now).
After I spent some time with needles sticking out all over my feet and hands the acupuncturist took me outside to burn moxa by certain points. He explained that he's not allowed to do it in the building, since he's renting from some insurance people and they really aren't into that. Plus, moxa smells an awful lot like pot (don't ask).
So we're sitting outside and nearly done with the 20 minute treatment when a nurse from the doctor's office two doors down comes over. She says, "Our patient that just left is an off-duty cop. He said because he's off-duty he can't do anything, but he was pretty sure he smelled pot over here." The acupuncturist just laughed. Told her what it was and gave the clinical name (Artemisia vulgaris). The entire episode was tres humorous.
Then he told me that the school he went to shared a building with a law firm which naturally had cops in and out of it all the time. Since they were burning moxa in the school, the cops would come back to investigate the smell. Eventually the school posted signs explaining the burning herb was NOT pot, but part of traditional chinese medicine.
So that's the closest I've ever come to being busted for pot which is interesting because I've been around actual marijuana before and never come close. (No Mom, I never smoked it.)


Beverly said...

I'm glad to see that you didn't get busted for pot!

SarahCeleste said...

What a funny story! Thanks for sharing! Hope all is well