Jan 30, 2009

Works In Progress

In this post I'm going to blatantly and shamelessly steal/copy my cousin Beka's idea and show you pictures of stuff I'm working on currently.
But first, the kid-os!

This is V at 9 weeks. The smile is an accident, but a happy one. S is 23 months, if you can believe.  I find it hard to believe my baby is that old. I know he's not really my baby anymore, since V is younger, but he's still my baby in my head. Sometimes I remember to call him a kid... Those three years until kindergarten are going to FLY.

This is a stool I painted for Sammy. It has a lion on it. When he sees it, he calls it a lion, but only I know that's what he's saying. It's a mom thing.

This is a dress front I'm smocking for V. It's basically connect the dots with fabric and embroidery floss. Very easy as long as you keep track of your thread being "on top" or  "on

Last week I attempted to make bagels. I say attempted because these aren't really Einstein Bagel quality, but they were OK. Next time I will try a different recipe.
You may ask why I didn't simply go to Einstein's and purchase a bagel, if I wanted one so badly. The answer, my inquisitive friends, is Einstein's uses bleached flour and I'm attempting to only put good things in my body. (You should, however, know that I'm eating chocolate ice cream while I type. My husband is an enabler. A cute enabler, but an enabler none the less.)


Christina MC said...

I think you are edging ever so closer to being an honorary Amish woman.....still love ya and all of your experiments.

Katie said...

Very cute stool and dress! I do the same thing. I make my own bread and feed my kids healthy foods while I snack on popcorn and icecream every night... :)