Nov 28, 2009

Hiking With Babies

Saturday was a perfect hiking day. Overcast with a slight breeze and temperatures in the high 60's.
As the title may suggest, the parents over-estimated their parental powers and supposed they could take a one and two-year-old on a reasonable 3 mile hike. The parents are idiots. 

There's a super-cool hike not far from us that ends, we are told, in a geological formation covered in Native American Hieroglyphics. I cannot confirm this report as we didn't get anywhere near close enough to tell. We borrowed a backpack for hauling S (thanks Stina) and put V in the baby wrap, and headed out. DH and I thought we timed it so the baby would fall asleep while we walked. We are, as I previously stated, idiots. After three different wrap-carries and liberal use of both pacifier and bum patting, we ended up just carrying the baby in our arms. Further complicating things was the toddler who kept saying, "I want down, Dad. I get out now. Go on ground!" And then, "Carry me!" Yep. So not even half way to our destination, we turned around carrying both kids and the kid backpack.
Ah, the lessons of parenthood. I learned if you want a good upper body workout AND cardio at the same time, take your babies on a hike. :) Oh, and take along some ear plugs!
DH and I have plans to return sans kids later in the week. Hopefully I'll have some cool pictures then.

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