Nov 24, 2009

New Job

So the DH realized (finally) that he was being GROSSLY underpaid. His current company didn't feel the need to do anything about it, so M went out and got himself a shiny new job at close to double his current salary. Yep. That's not even the best part.
The best part is, he gets to work from H-O-M-E.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Can anyone say free babysitting?? (Only during naps, of course. Who wants to go to lunch?)
We are busy re-arranging furniture to give him a space to work. It's probably going to be in the bedroom, but I'll just switch my nap location to the couch. No big. You know, for the one day a month I feel ahead of the game enough to relax.
In other news, I'm going back to school to finish my RN. The up-in-the-air part of that is WHERE. I'm rooting for Idaho...Since M can work from anywhere...

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Emily is a good frau said...

That is really cool that he found a job that's so much better! Congrats to the whole family.