Feb 8, 2010

An Ankle Anecdote

I've been neglecting the blog of late and here's why.
I realize that ankle surgery does not, in any way, inhibit my ability to type. What it DID do was make it impossible to exercise, which in turn threw me into a funk. I'm still there a little bit, but at least I can see the hope/light at the end of the tunnel that is getting the cast removed! Only two weeks and two days to go.

These pictures are from when I went in to get my cast changed. The old one was cracking and gross. You can't really tell from the pictures, but my leg hair is a good inch long (hey, it had been a month since a razor had been anywhere near it). I was NOT expecting the scar to be so huge. I was also not expecting to still have bruising and swelling. It's been a difficult time, BUT it's almost over! I hope the scar fades to nothingness, because my legs really are my best feature. :)
And I can not WAIT to run without pain. Look out famous runner people (I don't know any famous running people, insert their names here) I'm right behind you!


Beka said...

ugh! I can smell the musty cast-off smell from here:). That looks pretty nasty...hope you get to run soon!

SarahCeleste said...

OUCH! Feel better soon