Feb 7, 2010

V's Favorite Things

I did a post like this for S when he turned one, but I neglected to do it for V. Partly because I didn't know her as well as I knew S.

Here's The Favorites List

Favorite Person: Her Big Brother. Followed by Daddy as a close second. (don't ask me how I feel about this, you don't want to know)
Favorite Food: Peas and cinnamon graham crackers. Maybe it's because she hasn't had cheesecake yet.
Favorite Toy: Anything S is playing with at the time (S's favorite toy happens to be whatever she has)
Favorite Animal: Kitties, or in V-speak, "kkeeee"
Favorite Word: DaDaDaDa
Favorite Activity: being held, then being put down, repeat ad nauseum
Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday (church people ooh and ah and beg to hold her)
Favorite Noise: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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