Jul 10, 2010

Art In The Park and A Parade

What a busy day! It's been a while since I posted pictures. What I lack in picture taking fineness (which I'd like to blame on the fact that all I ever use is the cell phone camera but what is actually my complete lack of skill) I make up for in volume.
Here we go!

This Saturday the Magic Valley Arts Council hosted their annual Kids Art In The Park. I LOVED this program when I was growing up, so naturally, I signed the Boy up for their toddler class.
He We made a plate-loom weaving in which The Boy had little to no interest, and we he painted a kite, which was THE highlight of the morning.
See how proud he is?

While The Boy and I were making Art (yes, that's a capital A) The Baby and The Hubs went to King's to pick out a special present for The Baby. She's been feeling rather neglected of late, and to assuage feelings of guilt, I authorized the purchase of stuff. (I KNOW! Now I'm one of those parents. Please don't judge me.) Of course she picked something plush, because that's just the kind of kid she is. I knew it would either be plush, or a laundry basket, since those are two very favorite things.

(Not a great picture of The Hubs, so...)

(here's The Hubs as his normally cute self)

Because that wasn't enough of an adventure for one day, we swung by Fred Meyer for some food and groceries and then headed out to Kimberly for the Good Neighbor Parade. By this point The Baby was pretty tired, but we soldiered on. 
Arriving after the parade route was closed, we parked at the start of the parade and walked along the parade route with the first police car until we met up with our friends. Luckily Kimberly is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it sized town, so it didn't take long. The parade was just about what you'd expect from a blink-and-you'll-miss-it sized town. (which makes it even funnier the actual name of the town is Kimberly City. Someone was over ambitious...) The best part for the kids was the shear volume of candy being lobbed in their general direction. Both The Hubs and I got hit on the head with sugary confections, so enthusiastic where the throwers. Our friends came prepared with grocery bags, which their kids filled in short order. The Boy ended the parade with both his and The Hubs pockets bulging with sweets. He even got a Popsicle! (that went directly into his mouth without the pocket detour) Luckily the Giant Twinkie handing out edible Twinkies missed us. I can handle my kids eating sugar, but not if I can read the ingredients. I can't in good conscience allow them to consume any quantity of high fructose corn syrup. 

notice the candy wrapper in his hand

again, classic case of candy-mouth
notice the stickers given to my son 
by politicians we don't support, but which are stickers
 and thus VERY important to three-year-olds
The rest of the day was taken up by studying at the library, a trip to Costco and the city library and setting off the last of our fireworks stash. (at least until they go on sale again for the 24th of July)
The Boy did about half our sparklers stash, and wanted to do more fireworks after we'd lit everything. I'm glad he enjoyed it!

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