Jul 5, 2010

Independence Day

What a totally awesome day! Except the parts where I had to give a prayer in church and substitute in Nursery (motto: The closest to Purgatory you can get on earth!).
Other than those parts, it was AWESOME!
Mostly because I decided I would not do homework on Sunday. Really hoping that pans out for me during my two tests Tuesday.
The morning started with both our kids toddling downstairs and climbing into bed with us. I'm normally not a huge fan of kids in the bed, but it's OK at 8am. Especially because that means someone else got The Baby up and changed her. :D
We made our way to the kitchen where we I fed the kids some peanut butter and banana sandwiches. We watched a scripture movie and I worked up a pair of patriotic beaded socks for The Baby to wear to church, along with her super cute hair bow an Auntie made her. Not that she has any hair. Anyway.

Before church we took a drive with the kids (read: tried to get them to nap BEFORE church) and ended up in Buhl, Idaho. It turns out I really like Buhl! We saw a restaurant we are TOTALLY going to try out this weekend. Don't worry, I'll blog it.
We made it back to town just in the nick of time. Only one minute to spare before the opening song of the service. The Baby napped, in case you were wondering, but The Boy did not.
After my two-hour stint in hell nursery we took ANOTHER drive. The Boy napped, the baby did not.

We went to my sister's house for dinner and games. (E, I totally owe you a game. The Baby ate one of the cards. Luckily I saw it in town this past weekend, so I can buy your hubby a new copy before you leave!) We cheated like crazy and still lost. It was great!
Mom took the two tiniest kids, The Baby included, back to her/our house about 8pm, and the rest of us made our way over to college for the local fireworks display. The Boy didn't remember fireworks from years past. He LOVED it.
He kept shouting "YA-HOO!" Which is completely cute and so much more descriptive than
"ooh! ahh!"
The Hubs and I talked about our first July 4th together. It was the first family gathering I'd attended. I'm afraid we were a TAD over-affectionate for a family gathering. Oops. Ah well. They're stuck with me now!
That pretty much sums up our festivities for the day. What did YOU do for the 4th?

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