Jul 7, 2010

Swimming Lessons!

Swimming lessons have started! The Boy is SOOO excited every morning. He can hardly wait for 11:20 to roll around. The Baby didn't know what to make of it the first day, but toward the end she started to enjoy herself.
The first day I was able to go with the kids. It was WINDY and therefor cold. The second day she was pretty excited to get in the water, but I didn't get to witness that. Grandma took them the second and third days.

I was strangely happy to see The Boy completely ignoring his teacher. It made is complete disregard for my instructions somehow less worrisome. Experienced parents have told me this should make me MORE worried, since he doesn't listen to authority. I can see their point, but I can't help but be happy anyway.

The Hubs and I checked out four books I don't have time to read on raising obedient toddlers. Surprisingly none of them say smack the heck out of your kid. A good butt-whipping worked on me as a kid, but I just don't have the heart to do that to my sweet little angels...often.
The Hubs and The Baby, post lessons. She's blue, not because this is a camera phone picture, but because she's COLD. :)

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