Jul 19, 2010

Funny Stories from the Weekend

1. Sitting in church was VERY hot this Sunday so I turned my ward bulletin into fan. The Boy promptly took it from me, unfolded it, handed it back and said, "Now make a ROCKET SHIP!"

2. The Hubs and I went out to dinner without kids. He told me the following story.

His friend, "George" had a very odd boss. One day George and the boss end up at the same stop light, George in his parents station wagon and the boss in a souped up sports car. The boss challenges George to a little race. (I did mention he's odd.) So when the light turns green George sticks it the metal and about the time he's half way through the intersection the boss in his fancy sports car in clear into the next block. The boss figures he's won, so he slows down to the speed limit and George, punching the gas the entire way, catches up to him...a MILE later. It may have been the time of night, or The Hubs telling of, but I ROARED.

3. This one's not funny, but it is sweet. On our way home from Utah, The Baby started asking a question. It took us a while to figure out what she was saying but it came down to this, "Momma. Gramma, where go? "Momma. Where Gramma?" She was asking where my mom, her near constant companion, had been hiding all day. We think. I thought this was very sweet. For a while, it also sounded like she said, "G.G. here". G.G. is what my kids called my paternal grandmother. But that's probably not what she was saying, since she can't really talk anyway. She's also recently started saying the following words: duckie, yellow, blue. For blue, she started out having to strum her lips to get the 'b' sound out. A few days later she started calling me Becky. I am a little unsure what to think about that. I would probably be mad, if it weren't so darn cute.

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Leejean said...

I'm sure that your little one was right and Grandma was there. It was on the way to the funeral of our baby boy Zeke, that my youngest, 3 yrs old, was talking she talks a lot so I wasn't really listening. Until for some reason I thought I should. (thank goodness for promptings) As i listened I could here her saying, "Jesus Died, and Zeke Died." She repeated this a few times and then continued with,"Jesus said help, help help, and Zeke said help, help, help, and Jesus came and helped Zeke." Our young ones know and see special things. Lots of love.