Dec 29, 2010

New Direction?

I admit a modicum of surprise at the lack of response to my last post. I KNOW it got read. 74 times, in fact. (Thank you StatCounter) I shall have to ponder further the meaning of this vacuum of conversation.
In other news, I am feeling rather directionless. We've been at the inlaws now for 12 days. That is a long time to ask ANYONE to let me live with them, even people as saintly as my inlaws (aka the best inlaws EVER). I'm ready to be in my own place and set my own schedule. Oh, and walk around the house without a bra. Or clothes. You know, if I want. I would never ACTUALLY do that, I'm much to proper. Eh hem.

Without school or any other activity or person taking up my time and energy I'm kind of lost. I think I shall open a preschool. That sounds suffiecently time-consuming.

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