Dec 2, 2010

Travel Plans and Life Plans

We have tentative plans for our move back to Arizona. Finals are the week of the 12th. My last final is the 16th. This is also (crazily) the day we've planned to toss all our worldly possessions into the car, top with children, and drive to St. George.
The next day we will repeat the above scenario, minus the final, and sub the destination with Gilbert, AZ.
I'm hoping to spend a few hours with family in St. George on Friday. Especially my grandpa.
The Boy is a champion traveler, but Zsa Zsa....well not so much. Two straight days in the car with her will require heavy medication (I don't care who gets it, me or her) or a long rest for the kids Friday before we get back in the car.
 I have SO many plans for when we get back home!
High on the list are:
potty training (Zsa Zsa, not me. I've got that one down, thankfully)
ditching the ever-present binkie (again, Zsa Zsa)
starting a preschool in my front room, because teaching in Idaho has been SO much fun!
taking another math class, so I can get done with math and never have to take it again
build a toy kitchen for my kiddos out of re-purposed materials
build a set of beds from

or maybe this


Chrsitina MC said...

if you know how to build either of those, we need to talk about my back porch cover and it's lack thereof

Becky said...

Oh Stina. You should go to that website. When you are done, you will think you can build ANYTHING! I have yet to prove if I actually can...