Dec 4, 2010

The Saga of a Song

Every night, Zsa Zsa and I have a routine.
I get the toothbrush, she yells "TEEF!!!" and we brush.
We say a prayer with the family.
I read her a story.
Then we shut her doors, say good night to the baby in the mirror and flip off the light after which Zsa Zsa says, "rock-a-bye".
We sit in the rocker and she snuggles into my chest and dictates the songs. 
Always the same songs.
Always in the same order. 

  1. "Sunbeam!" I get two bars in and she stops me.
  2. "Jesus!" This can get confusing because she either means "Sunbeam" again, or "I Am A Child of God"
  3. "Heavenly Fadder!" This one is "I Am A Child of God"
This is all well and fine until we get to nursery on Sunday, because in nursery, we sing these songs. She does OK until we get to "I Am a Child of God" at which point my already tired daughter throws a MAJOR hissy fit. We're talking, screaming, falling to the floor, heal banging included, until the song is over.
Every.  Week. 

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Chrsitina MC said...

Really sweet story until the major hissy part.