Jun 7, 2011

Cars 2 Event

We heard Tempe Marketplace was hosting an event, for Cars 2: Agents On A Mission.
Since one of The Boy's fondest wishes in life is to drive Lightening McQueen, we piled our family plus a little girl I was watching into our teeny car and drove across town to "see" Lightening and Mater.

When we got there, we saw a line. While The Hubs stood in the line, the kids and I checked out what it was about. We didn't want to stand in line if it was just for bathrooms. :D
We found out you had to make your way through this line just to get inside. Nobody knew for sure what was in there, once you got inside, but they were all willing to stand in the line for it. Idiot Morons. (I can say that, because we did it, too.)
The other bit of info I gleaned was that the wait was about 2 hours. Yes. 2 hours. I did mention I forgot to put my brain in that morning, right? Luckily, I did not forget to bring sun screen and water.
We stood in this line, taking turns chasing kids and making potty stops. At one point, I even left the line to get some dinner for the starving babies. We are SUCH suckers. Really. I can not, in any way, express with the written word the inaneness of this event.
FINALLY we made it to the front of the line, right before the kid with the bloody nose. Oh, it was a special, special time.
Then my kids collected a poster, a key chain, a coloring page, and had their pictures "professionally" taken in front of each of the three cars.
Yep. That's going to make a great Christmas card. 
Am I ever, as in ever EVER going to put myself through this again? 
I may send The Hubs, though. 
PS I had better win that d@m car.

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