Jul 16, 2011

Camping 2.0

My sister talked me into going camping with her family this weekend. You know, because it went so well the last time. Briefly, here's how the last time went; I had a less than 18 month old, was hugely pregnant, and it rained. The whole time. Our tent nearly floated away. Yes, really. The boy cried the entire night so we packed up camp at two am and drove home. It was pretty much the worst camping experience ever.

Needless to say, I was reluctant to try camping again. Really reluctant. But my sister had an ace up her sleeve; flushy toilets. In my opinion, flushy toilets can make or break a camping trip.

Here it is, in pictures. Pictures I took with a REAL camera, no less! Be impressed.
Yeah, nobody said I was GOOD at taking pictures. 
Just that I can occasionally use a half way decent actual camera. :P

Red Fish Beach

 Paddle Boat Ride

The View. Honestly, I fell in love with Idaho again on this trip. 
On the way home we stopped at Smilie Creek Lodge
Someone did NOT want their picture taken. 
The Grumps had set in.

And the sleepies. 
If that's not the most tired you can be while still eating ice cream, it's close. 

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Emily said...

Redfish is my favorite place in this whole wide world. The Browns (lots of them) are up there this week... without me. :(