Jul 28, 2011

Sewing Machine Saga

Sew I have this friend who very generously gifted me her grandmother's sewing machine.
(I know, TOTALLY sweet).

 But it didn't work.
My other awesome friend, who sews for a living, offered to take it and make it work.
But she couldn't.
Sew then I took it to a place that repairs such things and they charged me $180 and I got back a working machine. That is, until I started to sew on it. Something was off. We packed up for Idaho and I took it to the sewing center here and they repaired it. I started sewing again, and it broke again. Back to the shop.  The one gear the original repair shop DIDN'T replace totally broke all to heck.
This is the part where I started to cry.
You see, I WANT to love sewing. My mama is SEW good at it, she made my wedding dress. I know. As I said, a totally awesome seamstress. And she likes it, to boot. Sewing that is. Probably she liked my dress, too.
Mama and I went to the repair guy, and he said my poor, poor machine had bit the dust but for $100 he could get it running again. However, there was no guarantee of how long the new gears would last.
There was some more crying in there somewhere.
My sweet wonderful mama offered to buy me a new machine that comes with lessons.
You see, she wants me to like sewing, too. Or at least to be proficient at it.
Husband and I talked it over that night and agreed we couldn't let her buy a machine, but that a new machine would be best.
So the next day mama and I headed back to the sewing machine store.
And we came home with this:

Which I totally didn't buy because I don't believe in committing violence against one's mama, and that's the only way I could have beat her to the cash register. I'm going to pay her back somehow. Probably not in home-sewn goods, since even with a decent machine it turns out my hems aren't all that straight. :)
Ah well. At least now I can practice without my machine falling all to pieces.

PS HOW did I live without the needle threading option? I have NO idea. It's amazing.