Jul 16, 2011

Randomness From The Week

  1. "Boy, please take your sister to the slide." I NOT a SISTER!!!! I a ZSA ZSA!" She was so sure about this, that I couldn't help but laugh. It's three days later, and I'm still laughing. 
  2. I ruined some perfectly good junk food when I ran out of butter and subbed applesauce. Huge mistake. 
  3. The kids have been running outside every three seconds to check if Grandma Cathy is home yet. She lives next door, but works during the day. It's pretty funny because they won't believe me when I tell them she's not home, they have to check. 
  4. Zsa Zsa said a marshmallow would make her owies feel better. 
  5. Zsa Zsa, against a direct order to stop doing so, was jumping on an air mattress. She fell and face planted on the deck. When she came inside to cry to me and show me her goose-egged forehead and smashed and bleeding nose, I couldn't help but say, "And momma called the doctor and the doctor said, no more monkeys jumping on the bed!" For the rest of the week, any time someone new came to the house, Zsa Zsa would tell them, "my mom called the doctor and the doctor said, no more MONKEYS jumping on the bed!" I think she learned her lesson. Poor thing. 
  6. Also this week, Zsa Zsa was petting a kitty. This particular kitty is scared of people, and in particular the pint-sized versions. The de-clawed kitty took a swipe at her head, and so she came crying that "The kitty hit me!" which was kinda funny. 

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