Sep 7, 2011


I've spent the day running between WalHomeStaplEt and my computer. You see, I've finally decided for sure what I'm going to do when it comes to educating my children. For the rest of this year, at least and probably next year.

The Boy is 20 months older than Zsa Zsa. Plus, he's a boy. The way I figure it, I can teach them both the same thing at the same time if I hold him back a bit and push her a little. We did a little test run today, and I think I can modify all our activities just enough that both kids will be challenged adequately. This year, we are doing a preschool. I know it's a little early for Zsa, she's not quite three. BUT she's also super stubborn and wants to do everything The Boy wants to do, so...I thought I'd let her. What ever she picks up and accomplishes, yay. If all she does is color this year, we'll both be happy.

Can I just say that homeschooling is totally and completely 100% overwhelming? Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit. Luckily, I have some super stellar cousins and a couple bloggy friends that have been a tremendous support. The best advice I've gotten is, "just give them time and materials. The learning will happen." Oh. You mean I don't have to buy an entire program and stick to it? Cool!

Hopefully this will workout like breastfeeding; it was super hard, but I knew I wanted to do it, so I stuck with it and then suddenly it wasn't so hard and I couldn't figure out why everybody didn't do it because in the end, it seemed SO much easier than bottles. I mean really, who wants to sterilize their pencil boxes and crayons?

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rneweyfamily said...

You make me laugh, thank you. I've gotten the same advice about home schooling and so this year we decided to jump in and see what happens (after a lot of prayer, of course). We are going through a program and they have some things I have to do, but overall, it's pretty user friendly. Plus, it was the only way the hubs would let me. I'm super excited to see how this year goes. So far, so good. If you are into reading, I read a good book that ispired me called "A Thomas Jefferson Leadership Education" or something like that anyway. It, and some amazing friends, really put my mind at ease and gave me confidence that as a mom I was more qualified to teach my children than most other people, especially when they are young. Sorry for the short novel, good luck!