Jan 14, 2012

Cute Kid Stuff

I've been collecting things my kids say that are adorable. It's time to put them here before the kids erase them from my phone. :)

The Boy:

I know a great recipe for mud.  Dirt and water.  I know how to make salty mud, too! Dirt, salt, and water.

Mom, I want to play a board game. Why? Because I'm bored!

With my new bike I can totally win first place in the slow motion bike race!

Zsa Zsa:

I say Zsa Zsa in Dutch. Zsa Zsa in Dutch. I DID it! 

I was reading the Ensign (church magazine). Zsa comes up and says, "That's Jesus! Does he say, 'behold'?"

I think the baby is gonna pop out and do a funny dance like this!  (funny dance commences complete with jazz hands)

Aunt Nancy asked Zsa what our new baby's name would be. She paused and seriously considered before stating, Sleeping Beauty. 


Smiled while she was awake. :D 

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