Jan 21, 2012

Things I Miss (and Don't) About Pregnancy

Things I will miss about pregnancy:

  • stretchy waist bands
  • sleeping more than two hours at a time
  • not having night sweats 
  • the baby kicking (CJ never was much of a kicker, and I kind of missed this even while pregnant) 
  • eating whatever I darn well pleased (as long as it didn't contain nitrates or raw egg)
  • the built in excuse for not running
  • non-leaky boobs
  • 2nd trimester "couple time" Laws but it's amazing. Almost a reason to get pregnant again, right there
Things I will NOT miss about pregnancy:

  • peeing every five seconds
  • having to pee right after having peed (as in, haven't even washed my hands yet)
  • waddling
  • heartburn
  • people asking me retarded questions (to be fair, this hasn't really stopped because the world in general refuses to quit being idiotic but at least the lame questions aren't all pregnancy related. I do find myself saying quite often "my baby is a GIRL" even when she's in pink frills and has a bow)
What about you? Anything you miss or don't miss about being pregnant?

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Familia_Henderson said...

The only thing I miss about being pregnant is the sweet, innocent baby that comes out of the deal! My baby's getting big enough to make me miss that, but not enough to make me miss my ability to sleep on my stomach, my patience, or my sanity! (I'm a smidge crazy when I'm pregnant and I think I am just now starting to pull it all back together!)