Jan 24, 2012


Today was a day of firsts.

The first time I've been left alone with all three --yes THREE!-- of my children. (Everyone is still alive)
The first day since CJ and I came home that I've taken a walk (Half mile in 2o minutes less than three weeks after her crazy birth. I count that a success even though I'm used to going a mile or two in that amount of time.)
And today is the first day I've done anything in the kitchen more involved than oatmeal since I've had three kids. (Six loaves of banana bread. It's really not more difficult than one loaf, and you can give away more.)

I'm exhausted! We looked it up and it'll take roughly 90-120 days to build my blood back up to pre-hemorrhage levels. I think until then, it's a good excuse to nap.

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