Jan 1, 2012

My Head

Is not in a good place.

I cussed inside it all through church today. I'm pretty sure that means I'm going directly to hell. I may have also cursed out loud in the presence of small children that did not belong to me. At church. (that's so a one-way ticket south)

Clearly, I'm losing it.

You see, ever since we learned about when Baby would arrive, I've had on my calendar that January 1 was his/her birthday. I woke up pregnant on January 1 AFTER having been up in the night THREE TIMES with contractions strong enough to wake me. THREE TIMES! What the hell, baby? What the hell?!?! (in for a penny in for a pound, right?)

On top of that, a quick check showed that all that hard work I did last night changed nothing in the general area of the baby exit. Oh for the love of chocolate. I give up! I will still be pregnant tomorrow, and next week and at the second coming of Christ. And maybe I'm to the point that I just don't give a rat's ass.
Pregnancy is a great excuse to eat other people's food, get your feet rubbed and take as many naps as you like. I'm gonna go lay down now. Trying to get sent to hell is exhausting.

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Erin said...

I'm sorry you're still knocked up, man. Being "overdue" sucks.

I was just reading back through some of your posts and read that you're getting acupuncture. I was just wondering if the acupuncture was for morning sickness. Someone said the other day that they'd used it for that. If so, can you tell me how often you go, how far along you were before you started going, and how you found your acupuncturist?

Not that I'll need to know for a while, but there's no way I can go through another pregnancy puking for nine months!