Jun 28, 2010


This week at church we had a service auction. Two of the services were for family boating trips. My boy LOVES boats. So...I bid hard and fiercely for a boating trip. I saved all my points until the end. I borrowed my momma's points.
 I lost. 

It was sad. 

Then Saturday morning one of the ladies who had put up a boating trip called my momma and invited ALL of us to join them for an afternoon on the river, since all my sisters were home for the weekend.
The Boy was is hog heaven! I was a little less thrilled because honestly, I didn't have TIME to boat. (refer to previous post) but how could I say no?
So at 3:30pm we piled into the van and took a (5 minute) drive to the river. One of my other sisters and her husband met us at the launch.
This is what I brought:
1 Diaper
4 Kleenexes
2 Water sippies
1 cooler of water bottles
2 hooded towels
2 regular towels
2 toddlers
1 sister

We had a blast. However, we were on the river until just after 7pm which, as many of you know, is The Baby's bedtime. Which means my kids missed dinner. You may notice from my list that I did not bring one edible thing. Not one. Not even gum. I also didn't bring a camera. (It was in the car)

Starving my children aside, we had a terrific afternoon on the river. I will NEVER NEVER own a boat, but it was sure fun to play in one for an afternoon! The couple we were with was super funny. The boat is brand new. It's a replacement for their old boat, which slammed into a rock last year. (yeah. that happens in rivers, especially first thing in the spring)
So they kept saying things like, "take off your shoes. No. BEFORE you get in the boat." and "Watch those rocks!"
I got to try boat surfing and The Boy got to drive the boat. The Baby was pretty much not a fan of the life jacket, but she thought the whole thing was interesting.
I couldn't get The Boy to take a tube ride or get in the water or anything like that. He just wanted to drive the boat in circles. Which he did. Very Well.
The End  c

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