Jun 18, 2010


The room for A&P lecture shares a semi-permanent wall with another lecture room. This week the other room was filled with BLM firefighters. Firefighters are NOT quiet. My instructor is deaf. (Really. He reads lips and signs and everything.)
This made for a week of hard-to-hear lecture.
I did talk to their instructor once, and he tried, but really, it was just too many firefighters talking simultaneously.
So the next day I got to class early and wrote the following on the board:

ATTENION: Medical students next door learning about the treatment of burns. 
It may be in your best interest to make sure we can hear the lecture. 

All of which was totally true. But that day the firefighters weren't in class. 
Maybe it's for the best. :)

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Brian M Tanner said...

Ya I remember those days sitting with the fire fighters at CSI learning about aircraft, water pumps, fire behavior, leadership, etc. and yes, TALKING a great deal. Just too many hormones and hot fire fighters in one room to think about being quiet:)