Jun 27, 2010

B.U.S.Y. spells: Insanity

My sister was supposed to drive The Hubs to Boise on Friday so he could hop a plane to Phoenix and get our house ready for the renters. She was also picking up her twin at the same airport for a weekend visit home.
But Thursday her baby spent the night in the E.R. with croup (she was a micro-preemie)
So I threw all thoughts of studying out the window and drove my own hubby to the airport. That was the fastest two hours ever. I studied a bit and had kid-free time in which I could talk with The Hubs.
On the way to Boise my sister that was flying in called and said, "I thought I booked an 8am flight, but the airline says I booked an 8pm flight." Here's where I tell you I was planning on being back in town in time to take a test that afternoon.
"But I got placed on stand-by for the 11am". OK. I think to myself. This will be alright. If she makes the standby flight, I can still get home in time for my test.
After dropping The Hubs at the airport I headed down the street to the outlet malls and had way more fun than my bank account should probably have allowed. I got my mom a new set of knives and I got my kids some swim covers and a couple Melissa and Doug Toys.
This is for The Baby. When you put the puzzle piece in, the animal makes it's noise. 

And this is what I got for The Boy.
After I picked up my sister we made our way into town and visited the yarn store for Grandma and then, since we were too late for my test anyway, we found a Taco Bell. I paid extra to have them leave the chicken out of my chalupa and put extra bean in, since I don't eat meat. But guess what? They topped it with bacon. That's ok, since bacon isn't meat. It's a condiment. :)
We made one last stop at Ross, which ended up taking two hours. 
In short, I had tons of fun and lost about 10 study hours. Which means I'm going to have to hit it hard Saturday.

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