Jun 3, 2010

The Mid-Mid Life Crisis: During Which I Briefly Consider Running for Elected Office

I'm having a mid-life crisis. Or to be more exact, a mid-mid life crisis. Since I'm not OLD old or anything.
Recently I finally decided what I wanted to be when I grow up, but then I realized I was ALREADY grown up and had missed my window of opportunity (i.e. pre-children) to finish the 'ol education and become a fully vetted Naturopathic Physician and/or Regular Old Physician.
Briefly I decided that didn't matter much, and I just go to school anyway.

Then I tried it.

School is FUN!

School and raising kids at the same time is not.

Possibly if I didn't have these very opinionated views on attachment parenting, I'd have an easier time leaving my children in the care of others to do whatever the heck I wanted. But my children, particularly The Boy, were so difficult to come by it feels WRONG to just up and leave them to go to school. Even when I leave them with family.

So we're back to the original question that started it all: How does Momma go about feeling self-fulfilled and worth-while?
Option One: Time/money wise it seems best to just finish my Bachelor's Degree. I'm about 40 credits away, so three semesters if I go fast.
Option Two which qualifies as dream-fulfilling, is to go to medical school, probably naturopathic, which can't happen until after Option One anyway.
Option Three is get a nurse midwife degree and attend VBACing mommas illegally. This is almost as much time and not as much money as Option Two.
Option Four is not an option: Do nothing. I've been doing nothing. Do Nothing is NOT working for me.
For kicks and giggles, here's
Option Five: become a state legislator and change the rules surrounding who's allowed to attend births.
I am now officially open to any and all suggestions. If you say, "Talk to The Hubs" though, I will scream. He wants me to be an illegal midwife. Yeah. Not so much.

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J. said...

Just because you want to be a physician doesn't mean you have to be one RIGHT NOW! Take it slow, enjoy the littles, gradually work your way up to a license and by the time the littles don't need you as much you can go to work as a physician. Breathe. One step at a time. Good luck