Jun 2, 2010

A Perfect Day

Sometimes I wish I could live forever if all the days could be like yesterday. Here's what we did.
Before I was even dressed, The Boy, The Baby and I did a "science" experiement involving water, food coloring, extra bowls and a turkey baster. :)

Momma went grocery shopping by herself ( I would rather have taken The Baby with me, but the car seat covers were in the wash) and the kids stayed home and made frosting with my sister, because when I got home

we made sugar cookies shaped like our hands. The one in front on the left is The Boy's. His hand isn't really that puffy, it was the dough.

And then we made lunch.

I bet you wish you were invited to lunch yesterday so you, too, could have millet with Alfredo sauce and peas topped with a veggie dog cut to look like an octopus complete with mustard eyes and GOLDFISH. Yes, Gold Fish, for lunch. Come on, I KNOW you're jealous. :)

After lunch the kiddos took a nap and I ran over to the college to get some paperwork signed, met with my adviser and got yelled at for taking too many summer credits...again, but I didn't care because when I got home, the kids were up and

frosting hand-shaped cookies with their daddy. :)
And they made me one too. It was sugary.

Then I made Stuffed Eggplant for dinner. It was awesome. My mom ate it and did not barf, which says a lot because she usually barfs after consuming eggplant.

After dinner, I went to class, where I answered all my questions right (which makes me happy), got asked by a classmate to review his essay (which also makes me happy, since it means OTHER people think I'm smart) and then I came home and got to nurse The Baby and then snuggle with The Hubs.

The only way the day could possibly have gotten better is if someone had handed us a million dollars. That may not even beat it, because it was a pretty swell day.
Zsa Zsa eating the gumdrops off her hand cookie.
(also the cat trying to get out and AWAY from the kids)
Did I mention that there were ZERO temper-tantrums yesterday? Yeah, it was awesome.

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