Sep 15, 2010

The County Fair

We decided to take our kiddos to the county fair. I LOVED the fair as a young person (not that I'm old NOW or anything), and I thought my kiddos would enjoy it. 
I was right. (I love it when that happens!)
We saw lots of animals
Fed lots of animals (which I didn't manage to get even one picture of, since I was holding the feed)

Visited the train shed

Rode a few rides

And managed to escape the fair without eating ONE SINGLE ITEM of fair food.
I'm pretty proud of that fact. :D

One of the funniest moments was when We took The Baby on her very first ride. She LOVED it, of course, but screamed bloody murder when we took her off the ride! We showed her EVERYONE had to get off, but she still screamed.
Next ride, same story. 
It took three rides for her to get the fact that Mom was not, in fact, being incredibly cruel by removing her from the ride. 
It was a super fabulous way to spend a Monday. 


Chrsitina MC said...

But mom, Fair Food is an Experience to be HAD. Oh and please take your text off of centering. It's driving me batty.

becky said...

I like it centered! It feels artsy-fartsy, but I switch back and forth, depending. Maybe next week I'll justify left.
Later in the week we got a churro from Costco. Bigger, tastier and about $3 cheaper. :)