Sep 5, 2010


So, I've been married six years. Yeah, I never thought it'd last this long, either. 
Just kidding! 
Sort of. 
I'm kinda attached to The Hubs at this point. It turns out not only was he a good first husband, he's going to be a fantastic ONLY husband, which I think is brilliant news. (He's pleased as well.)

We're going on a major trip in November, so we played it pretty low key this weekend. Saturday morning we took a pretty hike around the Snake River Canyon, back behind Hidden Lake and around to other other side.

 We accidentally missed our turn and ended up scaling some rocks.

But not these rocks, 
which is what we were faced with at first glance. 
(Going down, not up. I took the picture AFTER we had safely descended.) 
The hike itself was fun and we did it in an hour, which included an orange-eating break. Here's how we ACTUALLY got down.

We liked this hike so well we took the whole family the next day. 

     Saturday night we took our buy-one-get-one-coupon to Canyon Crest Restaurant, supposedly the best restaurant in town. My humble opinion is the only thing they are "best" at is charging lots of money for OK food, and possibly the view. Matt's steak was pretty good, my fish was pretty good, but not $20+ a plate, good. Glad I had that 2-for-1! We ate on the balcony so our view looked like this,

Watching the base jumpers taking leaps off the bridge all night was also pretty cool.

After dinner we went home and put our kids to bed, since I hadn't seen them very much this week. Our day finished off at the church, de-lousing the nursery, since the week before there'd been a case of lice and it took that long to get permission to disinfect it.

A pretty good day. I'll take it. :)

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