Sep 15, 2010


I am scared of Math.

When I say scared, I mean right before my first math test this semester I had a full-on panic attack. 
I don't DO panic attacks.
And yet, there I was panicking. 
I blame Third Grade.
In third grade one is supposed to learn one's multiplication tables. 
I did not.
And then I didn't learn fractions 
and it snowballed from there.

So I find myself nearly, well, old
and back in school learning math all over again.
At some point I did manage to learn multiplication tables and fractions and algebra...
(and that's the very largest "but" I could make, which is significant)

I'm still scared of math.

Which brings us to today.

I had math class today. We started a new concept. 
I was not good at this concept.
My teacher made me feel about two nanometers tall.
He made me feel stupid.
He made me feel insignificant. 

And then I took a math test.

Today sucked.

Dear Coach (that's my math teacher),
I am NOT dumb. I am brilliant. My IQ is 132. (yes, really.)
I am smarter than 98.4% of EVERYONE*
I am funny and kind and gosh darn it, people like me (well, not my family, but people generally).
Why don't you?

I feel JUST this big after today. 

*(Not that I place a lot of value on IQ tests because some of the most brilliant minds EVER would fail a stupid IQ test, and it also doesn't measure the most important thing: courage. All they really prove is that you're good at taking tests, just trying to prove a point here.)


becky said...

My 98.4% fact is actually a real statistic. I got it off the internet. ;)

J. said...

I'll kick his ba-hookie for you! Knowing you, you'll probably pull an A in the class just to prove him wrong. Fight on!

becky said...

Would just like to add that I got a 100% (the only one in the class) on that test. Thank you very much.