Sep 12, 2010

My Kiddos

I keep wondering what I should write about. Serious, serious writer's block.
So I've decided on the old stand-by, The Babies. 
Except, I'm really mad at The Boy today. 
He was VERY naughty at nursery, taking toys, pushing, stealing marshmallows....I sent him to Daddy-twice. Daddy sent him back. Then I was mad at The Hubs. 
But now they are both napping and so I like them better.


My Baby is the sweetest little girl, mostly. 
She cuddles, she loves to sing, 
and she has this really cute habit of babbling a lot of things only she understands and adding a word we know at the very end.
"badabadabada bankie."
"badabadabada sippie!"
She loves shoes and putting on her own pants and scissors. 
She loves Daddy and her brother (I don't even know why, he's so mean to her)
She loves Mommy
Today at church she kept pulling out the hymnal and saying 
"badabadababada SONG!"
really loud, during the talks.
It was cute.


My son is very into knights, dragons, fire birds and castles.
His auntie keeps buying him knights, dragons and fire birds and making him cardboard castles.
Now at bedtime he doesn't want a normal book, he wants a 
"pretend story" wherein he's the Star, Sir The Boy.
And we, the parents, have to come up with new and interesting story lines 
Last night it was my turn.
The story starts out with King Daddy and Draco (the good dragon) getting lost.
Queen Mommy, Sir The Boy, Baby and Buttercup go looking.
Prince Humperdink has captured Daddy and Draco. 
He wants Buttercup.
Queen Mommy has a plan.
But she needs a wheel barrow and a Holocaust Cloak. 
King Daddy and Draco are saved. 
The End


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Rebecca Jacobson said...

HA HA HA HA!!!Oh how I love you AND your family. Guess I'll use that movie standby when I have kidlets. LOVE you!