Apr 26, 2011

Easter Hats and Other Randomness

You know how this last Sunday was Easter? And how the most important part of the entire Easter worship service is the hats ladies wear?
I totally tricked out my head in a fancy topper and sashayed my sassy self into church on Sunday and do you know what I found?
Not ONE other lady in a hat of any type.

Clearly, I live among heathens.

Not only was I the ONLY person of any generation in an Easter Hat, other people had the nerve to sneer at my incredibly gorgeous millinery confection. No lie. Ladies actually elbowed their husbands and pointed with their snooty noses in my general direction. Smirking ensued. And THIS after I studiously studied Emily Post and her copious rules for headgear all those years a few short years ago in finishing school. Lady Emily said NOTHING about it being appropriate for lookers on to smirk.

Just kidding, by the way. I didn't go to a real finishing school. I grew up in Idaho, remember? Our finishing schools consisted of potato carving class and very lady-like competitions wherein we raced to see who could render down a vat of sugar beets the fastest. No. Really.

But you know what? I didn't even care about those snooty people, because d@m, I look good in a hat.
(PS That's not me under the hat. It's my wood floor...)

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Miss Momma said...

I love Easter hats... well and hats in general. I'm sure you looked great in your hat :)