Apr 8, 2011

Germicide, it's the new black

Dear People of East Mesa:

Please, please, please teach your children to wash their hands. We are midway through the third bout of stomach flu go-round since we moved back in January. Luckily my kids are pretty immune to this sort of thing, but I get it every.single.time. I wash. I bleach. I hold germ banishing pagan rights. Still, I come down with the Rocky Mountain Two Step every time it goes viral.

This never happened before we moved to the Ghetto. My children inherited their  iron tummies from momma, however mine has apparently rusted through.

Help a girl out? I simply can not spend this much time in bed! (or the bathroom)

In case you didn't know, here's how to properly wash up.

Note: Not that my four year old remembers to wash. But feel free to remind him. I'll return the favor.

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