Apr 2, 2011

The Boy, Wit-ified

Is this where I'm supposed to write something witty and clever?
Oh good. I'm in the right place. Sadly, I have nothing witty or clever to impart, so instead I'll leave you with some gems from The Boy. He's rather hilarious right now, being four, and all.

"Mom, I'm hot. <pauses for effect> I get that from you." <nods solemnly> Somebody's Daddy has been teaching him how to flirt.                                                                                                   

Scene: family at the dinner table, parents discussing terabytes and petabytes.                            
The Boy: :What's a petabyte?"                                                                                              
Mom: It's a unit for measuring data.                                                                                                  
The Boy, without skipping a beat: And mommas.                                                                            
Both Parents laugh hysterically as they realize he thought mom meant DADDA.

"When did you turn four?" Look of incredulity on his face as he replies, "On my birthday". His face had that look that just screamed, "what kind of adult are you, anyway!? Of COURSE I turned four on my birthday!"

And here are some pictures he obviously thought were important enough to take up the memory on my wimpy SD card. 

I can't decide which I like best, Stoned Zsa Zsa, or Ghetto Booty Zsa Zsa. Either way, for sure he's a budding Robert Doisneau, except I don't think he paid Zsa Zsa. If he did, I'll need to have a talk with my daughter...

This report brought to you by: A slightly worried mother of future teens. Aka:IdahoBecky

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