Apr 7, 2011

Out of Season Magic

In Costco today, Zsa Zsa was wondering around, per usual, when all of a sudden she looked up and stopped dead in her tracks. There before her was a towering gentleman dressed in a tied-dyed tee, shorts and Birkenstock sandals. With awe, she took in his bushy white beard, flowing hair and small gold spectacles.
Zsa Zsa pointed and whispered with reverence, "Santa Claus", her eyes never left his face. Wonder was her only expression. 

The portly man beamed and replied with a twinkle in his eye and a finger to his lips, "hush. Don't tell".

And off we went to finish our shopping, rather contemplatively on the parts of the children, since they were reviewing whether they'd been more naughty...or nice. 

This report has been brought to you in a completely unexaggerated manner by a tickled-pink IdahoBecky


sheleavitt06 said...

I believe in Santa Clause.

Lisa said...

Awesome! I love it.