Apr 5, 2011

We've Got It BAD

So my sister and niece are visiting for a few days. Yesterday both my niece and Zsa Zsa puked. And had loose stools. In the tub I'd just bleached. Because really, why would a baby poop in a tub you're ABOUT to clean? That would totally defeat their purpose of making as much work for me as they possibly can. 

Needless to say, we've all been downing copious quantities of (flavored) aloe vera juice. Everyone is feeling better, except me. I'm going to blame it on the bleaching I gave my house yesterday rather than a stomach virus, because I refuse to be ill. Also, I ate pizza for dinner. If I were really sick, that would not have been possible, right? 

We lazed about all day, except for a quick trip to the store for more plants. The HOA has officially fined us for not having "enough" plants in the front yard. Really, how many is "enough"? Our HOA thinks 9 is enough. I think the HOA doesn't have to pay to water them, and so what we have (5) should be enough. Lately I've been scooping buckets full of tub water and using it to water the landscaping. I see nothing wrong with this as my family has gone chemical free in the soap department. It is kind of a pain, though. Not to mention, sort of ghetto in an Idaho way. Except nobody in Idaho would bother, since water is so cheap there.

Over the weekend I just gave up. We are going to live here for ever so I may as well make the best of it. Along those lines, I dug a garden out of my rock and planted tomatoes and bell peppers. Then I bought two gi-normous grape vines and planted them along the back wall of our house. Then I bought a hibiscus to shut the HOA up. And a lemon tree. Have I told y'all how much I LOVE lemons? I can't get enough free lemons to keep up with my family's lemon-y related demands so we're putting a tree out back. I'd LOVE to put it in the front where it would get more light and provide better house shade, but I bet the HOA would have a problem with that. They seem to have problems with most things are common sense. 

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Diane Arnett Gardiner said...

Oh Becky, so sad but TRUE - no citrus trees in the front yard. We checked it out ourselves.