May 21, 2011


1. Throughout the years I've gone to the occasional yoga class. I enjoy yoga, especially when I'm stressed. Just so we're clear, this would not be the same as saying I look good while doing yoga. Yesterday I went to a yoga class at the gym. Admittedly, I was a little concerned when I walked in to class and almost every woman was a size zero and warming up with their lower limbs wrapped around their necks while standing on their heads. Reassurance was given when the instructor asked if anyone was new to yoga and a few hands went up.
That reassurance was gone about twenty minutes into class when I found myself in a position that resembled a human pretzel and was not in the least restful or invigorating. I was also dripping sweat. This morning I woke up, stood to walk to the next room, and found myself unable to sit without extreme discomfort. I think I have to go back next Friday. How out of shape do I have to be to have my trash kicked by YOGA?

2. My sister called earlier in the week and said she missed my babies, so I let her come over and babysit while The Hubs and I went to a late-ish movie. It was awesome, because she also gave us the movie tickets. What a sister! I'll review the movie next post.

3. After shelling out major bucks to get both my children re-shod, we were climbing into the car when my son said, "Mom, I'm turning my nice off." Um, say what? "Nobody helps ME be nice, so I'm turning it off!" Hmmm. Luckily a raspberry kiss behind the ear turned his nice back on, but what a kid!

4. And speaking of shoes, every year when the weather gets warm, my kids' feet sprout. You'd think at some point I would remember and budget for that. Sheez! Both kids were in shoes a size and a half too small.


Christina MC said...

Re #4: at E's 4 yr well appt her Dr said she is average height and weight ... for a 6 yr old- What?!

Diane Arnett Gardiner said...

You can be in GREAT shape and have YOGA kick your bootie! That's why I love it so!!